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Armageddon, Oil and the Middle East Crisis
By: John Walvoord

  • How will the new Mideast crisis affec the world supply of oil?
  • What will the crisis do to the alignment of nations in the Middle Eas?
  • Will survive Arab attempts to push it from the Holy Land?
  • Do current events point to the final global war, Armageddon?

In the last twenty years we have seen the economic, political, and military power that flows from the oil wells of the Middle East. Such concentration of power explains why the Bible points to the Middle East as the stage for the final battle of Armageddon and the second coming of Christ, according to noted Bible scholar Dr. John Walvoord.

The military struggles in the Persian Gulf now focuses attention away from , , and the battlefields of Europe, and onto the Middle East. This is exactly what the Bible anticipates of the end time. The world stage is set for a showdown.

A sample of this book’s chapter headings shows the buildup of today’s events and how they relate to the second coming of Christ: Armageddon Calendar, The Israel-Arab Conflict, Oil Blackmail, Changing Europe, The Coming Middle East Peace, The Coming World Dictator, Armageddon, The World’s Death Struggle.

A Perfect Love
By: Lori Copeland

A secret arrival and a clandestine submission. Battles over babies and pink ruffles. The new year brings challenges aplenty for the angels on the Island of Heavenly Daze.

Floyd and Cleta Lansdown adore their daughter, Barbara. They’d be perfectly happy if Barbara and her husband, Russell, lived with them forever, but Russell’s been dropping hints about finding a place of their own and Barbara’s talking about starting a family. What, Cleta wonders, would a twenty-three-year-old girl possibly know about raising a child?

Buddy Franklin knows he’s the town misfit. He has always marched to the beat of a different drummer, but how can he help being who he is? Yet his lonely days are about to change: he has sent for a companion–a warm, cuddly creature to occupy his thoughts and listen to the poetry that rises out of him like bubbles from an Alka Seltzer . . .

As the new year begins on Heavenly Daze, will Buddy find lasting happiness with his new friend? Will Barbara have a baby? Will Birdie and Salt solidify their plans for marriage? The month of January holds no rest for the angels who guard the homes of Heavenly Daze!

The Proposal, The English Garden Series #1
By: Lori Wick

Lifelong bachelor William Jennings is a fierce-tempered, agnostic 19th-century Englishman—and an unlikely candidate for fatherhood. But when a distant relative dies, he finds himself guardian of three children, and in over his head! Taking refuge at his sister’s home, he befriends her kindhearted neighbor, Marianne. Can she change his mind about faith . . . and family?

Cape Refuge
By: Terri Blackstock

Sisters Blair and Morgan are determined to find the real killer of their parents, Thelma and Wade Owens. Surely it isn’t the police’s prime suspect—Morgan’s husband, Jonathan, a local fisherman in Cape Refuge, , where the Owens family ran an inn and dockside ministry. Perhaps it’s one of the guests at the bed and breakfast!

Child of Grace
By: Lori Copeland

Brilliant and beautiful, E.J. seems unstoppable! She’s on the fast track to success—until an unwanted pregnancy derails her career. Faced with the toughest decision she’s ever had to make, she returns to her roots in the tiny town of Cullen’s Corner. Will she find the courage and strength to put her life back together?

A Warmth In Winter, Heavenly Daze Series #3
By: Lori Copeland Angela Elwell Hunt

Come visit a little island off the coast of Maine—populated by both mortal and immortal folks! Through vastly different struggles, storeowner Vernie Bidderman and lighthouse keeper Salt Gribbon learn about the failure and futility of self-reliance. Can a loving God—and a band of patient angels—save the town’s Christmas celebration?

The Remnant, Left Behind Series #10
By: Tim LaHaye Jerry Jenkins

The Great Tribulation unfolds as the forces of evil and the armies of God prepare for the ultimate battle that will decide the fate of mankind. Millions of Christians are protected by God as the anger of the Antichrist, Nicolae Carpathia, burns against them.

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